A few more political fictions

* New Zealand has a democracy

* that any of its politicians have any idea about climate or environmental issues

* that the Green Party could give a fuck about environmental issues

* that electric vehicles are lighter on the environment than internal combustion engines are

* the covid vaccines were safe and effective.

* any vaccine is effective

* inventing viruses was a good idea (refer Jenner, Pasteur)

* the world can run more efficiently with 7.5 billion fewer humans and a billion or so robots

* if you're wealthy this must mean that you're intelligent (related to the two above)

* that the urban elite of Auckland or Wellington have any fucking idea.

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Have a fucking read to wake yourselves up;


200 million is the world population the Pope wants - 2.5% of us. 4-500m is the maximum population that the WEF wants which is a max of 6.25% of us, most of whom are imagined as slaves. If you know this already then grow some balls and become one of us instead of imagining yourselves as one of them. If you think that I'm a conspiracy theorist then please wear a mask so as you will be easily identifiable.

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1 million kiwis moved overseas… thats 400,000 houses built overseas that house them… and 400,000 houses we are behind before we can think of them coming home!

( i think that means district plans separate more kiwi families than meth dealers! well done nz councils!).

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Good piece. Thank you.

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Excellent read

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Enjoying your evolution from reporter to a very insightful thinker, and writer.Today's piece was another step up again.

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Awesome write-up, loved the list of fictions! Reminds me of that philosophical aphorism, "the map is not the territory".

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This was a super interesting read, thanks Henry.

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This is good. One suggestion. The academic cliche "neo-liberal" is not helping your understanding. Hayek - who self described as a neo-liberal - would agree with much of your critique of technocratic government approaches. Most of the academics in NZ who use him as a swear word have read "The Road to Serfdom" at most, many have not even read that. He's a decent writer. I suggest his essay collection "Individualism and Economic Order".

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