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That was a fascinating read, many thanks Henry

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Jeez I am the exact demographic, except I have a degree and am opposed to just about everything that comes out of the smug prick’s mouth.

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Even without knowing the demographics, you can't help seeing anyone other than aging, inert white men in those charts; wanting things like tax cuts and low-cost healthcare for themselves, with zero awareness of the wider citizenry. The only surprise is any enthusiasm for education funding - although I can't help, cynically, feeling even that would be conditioned on curriculum that's mostly about building an obedient labour force, to serve them late-morning lattes and collect their rubbish.

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An interesting analysis Henry and to me not at all surprising. I too have looked into voting ACT (although would never consider National). They have some well thought out smart policies but are undermined by Seymour's need to go 'the whole hog' and tack on absolutely ludicrous far right policies that would make 85% of NZers baulk.

What your analysis indicates to me is that purely political views are becoming less relevant in NZ. People are invested in various aspects of the 'culture wars' and the left has not taken this on board.

In fact, they have attempted to widen curbs on free speech for example. Many of us have doubts about various narratives adopted by the government at this time and in true Kiwi fashion dont like the imposition of policies without public debate and genuine consultation. Act also calls to and encourages the libertarian impulses of the self made (eg: Farmers) and those who value freedom (especially the 5 - 8%) of the electorate that wants freedom from Government dictates after the mandates and other top down stuff.

To my mind the time is now to have the debates that we need to have about NZ's future. We cant sleep walk into full on 50/50 Co Governance, or ascribe trans rights without listening to and involving women, take climate change action without considering all the facts, mitigation or preparation etc.

What we have seen in NZ lately is that everything is misinformation if it comes from somewhere other than the Govt but we watch successive governments eff stuff up.

NZers want to have the difficult conversations and they want to get back to the times of Norman Kirk's 'red book' where politicians did what they said and stood by their election promises and were accountable to voters.

I still dont know where I will vote, probably NZF because Winston supports free speech and he is socially conservative and at the moment, after the last 3 years, I don t think that's a bad thing.

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